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myseavent cooperates with the finest cruise lines and ship owners around the globe, who always keep us informed about upcoming charter slots and special offers - travel in style just like on your private yacht.

Cruise Yachts and Boutique Ships

Hand selected ships up to 400 guests offer full flexibility in the itinerary with smaller exclusive ports and a very personal service onboard.
The privacy and discretion of a cruise yacht grant a country club atmosphere and promises custom made events on board. Vessels with a small number of guests are welcome in every port as an ambassador of soft tourism and sustainability.


Dreaming under white sails and being one with the elements, following the water and the wind.
Water sport activities provide fun and adventure for your perfect event. Unique experiences are the goal of each voyage and common things are circumnavigated.
Windjammers dominated the oceans for almost 50 years. They were fast, reliable and economical. Their sea-worthiness and grace still fascinate travellers today. The ship design and the rigging style often goes back to the 1920s, yet with all the state-of-the-art comfort and modern safety and security standards. Sailing ships are simply the most original and private floating residences.

Expedition Ships

Expedition cruises will get you to some of the most isolated and breathtaking wilderness areas in the world, like Iceland, the Arctic and Antarctic regions or Nature Reserves such as Galapagos for unforgettable moments and teambuilding activities. Be in close touch with exotic flora and fauna while enjoying a zodiac ride with a taste of adventure and exploratory spirit.

Cruise Ships

Larger groups can enjoy all the advantages of an ocean liner like utmost convenience, larger capacities, extensive leisure programs and great onboard entertainment.

River Cruise Ships

Each mile along the river is tailor-made for you by myseavent. From the Danube to the Irrawaddy in Myanmar, from the classic scenic river voyage to the exotic waterway expedition, we offer you marvellous concepts, designed especially to your wishes and standards. There is no better way to explore some of the most spectacular destinations worldwide than by cruising on a small river ship. We continuously scout the best and newest river cruises worldwide for you.

Rivers have always been the arteries and cultural networks of Europe, on whose embankments the most interesting metropolises and most charming sceneries are to be found. A Viennese ball with Empress Sisi as a guest, medieval feasts in castles, private concerts on board or in elaborate residences with world famous soloists, exclusive events on private islands on the Rhine, or gourmet tastings in romantic locations. Our ideas are endless. Let yourself be spoiled and discover uniqueness.

Anchors Aweigh and together we'll discover new horizons!

Our experienced nautical staffs put their global expertise and sophisticated taste to work and customize the ideal itinerary for your ship charter.